No country for Turkey

Hardly any regular person in India gives a damn about Thanksgiving but if you live your life on the Internet, there's no way you haven't heard of it.

Immigrants thanking the natives for giving up their lands.

Immigration is a hot topic right now in the nation built by immigrants who don't like the new immigrants. But let's just end the political murmurs right here because I want to talk about the bird today.

Americans call it Turkey. They think that it's a native of Turkey. But it's not found in Turkey.

Turkish people call it Hindi or India because they think that the bird is from India. Not my India though. Columbus' India!

Not much before now, nobody knew where India actually was.

We Indians, call it Peru bird. Obviously, we think it came from Peru.

We were right!

And People in Peru call it Guajolote.

People in the Aztec empire, the place where the bird was actually found, used to call it huehxolotl. Yeah! It's a little hard to pronounce but I would Guajolote over Turkey any day.